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Are you prepared if a crisis hits the classroom?

Can your staff get immediate help when they need assistance?

When a teacher calls for help,what if no one picks up phone?

Do your teachers feel safe classroom?

Are your teachers equipped with a panic button should they ever need it?

These aren't questions we want to ask ,but in todays society,they are absolutely necessary.School violence is a reality.

Fast,effective communication is vital.Rapid response can save lives.33HelpME makes that possible

The 33HelpME Alert Button

33HelpME is a small computer application that is installed on your school's quickly and silently sends alerts,instant notifying your school's response team of a request for help. 33HelpME adds valuable layer of security for a place that needs it most - the classroom.

Designed specifically to send alerts with the click of a button,this modern alternative to the traditional hardwired panic button offers flexibility,cost savings,and enhanced security.

Rapid Response

The button immediately alerts the school's response team so they can spring into action

Reassuring & Reliable

User see the visual confirmation that help was summoned

Always Accessible

The button always visible on computer screen

Simple To Install

No hard wiring is required.install in minutes

Multi-Level Alerts

summon help that is approprite to the level of urgency simple assistance or emergency.


Just $15 per button per costly monitoring programs needed.

33HelpME is ideal for a range of situations - from routine to extreme...

  • A teacher needs help with a student
  • A teacher needs someone to relieve her for a bathroom break
  • A new or substitute teacher require immediate assitance or guidance
  • A hostile visitor is harrasing the front office staff
  • A teacher has a medical emergency in the classroom
  • An altercation arises between students in the library
  • An active shooter situation is in progress with students trapped in a classroom

... And list goes on.

When teachers are alone in the classroom or your admin staff is isolated at the front desk,most don't have way to instantly call for help when they need it.give them 33HelpME.

33HelpME will quikly become an itegral part of your school communication.You'll wonder how you ever managed without it

How it Works

33HelpME vs. Traditional Panic Buttons

Fast response
Alert is immediately sent.Within seconds,response team is in action.

Averages 3 minutes to alert a responder
Simple installation
computer application install in minutes.

Must be in hard-wired into telephone line
Sends mass alerts
Alerts entire school response team

Alerts one responder at a time
Alert confirmation
Within seconds of requesting help,the user sees a confirmation message of delivery

None.Systems often fail without anyone knowing,rendering it useless in an emergency
Low level alerts
Used as a communication system for simple assitance

Only appropriate for use in urgent situations
High level alerts
Used as a panic button in urgent situation

Each help request can include level of urgency and a message

Low cost

Expensive hard wiring required