The Next Step In School Safety


How it Works

33HelpME is Simple to Use

With the 33HelpME button, help is just a click away.


Double-click the button.

The 33HelpME button is always visible on your computer screen. Simply double-click it to let others know you need help. Right click to select the urgency of your request (classroom assistance or emergency situation).


Instant alerts are sent.

A text alert and email alert are instantly sent to the school's response team. The alert includes the requestor's name, location, date, time, and phone number along with the level of urgency.


Receive confirmation.

Within seconds of the response team receiving the alert, a confirmation message appears on the requestor's screen.


Help is on the way!

The response team quickly assesses the appropriate course of action and dispatches help accordingly.

Our teachers have never felt confident using the phone system in their rooms. It was unreliable when they needed to reach someone in a pinch. The 33HelpME button is so simple to use (just click a button!), and it puts our teachers at ease knowing someone is always going to respond right away. It’s a simple solution to a once-frustrating problem. Our teachers feel happier, safer, valued. We love it.


Send High- or Low-Level Alerts with 33HelpME

Our multi-level alert feature gives teachers the flexibility to indicate the type of assistance they need.

  • The higher-level alert is needed for faster incident response.
  • The lower-level alert is used for teachers that need classroom assistance.

33HelpME for Incident Response

While the hope is that you never need to sound an alert for a dangerous security threat or violence in the classroom, the reality is these incidents are becoming more common in schools around the nation. Violence can occur anywhere, to anyone, at any time. Teachers can be especially vulnerable, isolated in a classroom and responsible for a roomful of students.

The 33HelpME button can be a life-saver in these types of situations. Rapid response is critical when responding to an urgent incident. There may be times when a traditional 911 phone call might not be possible. When the 33HelpME button is pushed, mass notifications are sent to the school’s response team in seconds, allowing them to contact the authorities immediately. What’s more, 33HelpME allows teachers to call for this help discreetly — without alerting the culprit. This enhances school security for all, and increases the chance of catching the culprit.

33HelpME for Classroom Assistance

The 33HelpME Alert Button is not just for critical situations. Its value can be seen in the increased communication and efficiency from day-to-day use.

Teachers don't have two-way radios. Those with phones in their rooms report they often go unanswered when attempted. This leaves teachers without a reliable way to summon help when they need it. Whether a teacher needs extra assistance with a student, has an important question for an administrator, or just requires a five-minute break, 33HelpME allows teachers to communicate their needs quickly and be confident of a response.

After just one use of the 33HelpME button, teachers and administrators alike will appreciate the ease of communication and the increased sense of security and connectivity it provides.

Help at the push of a button.Take the next step in school safety.