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About Summit Industries Corporation

Nearly Two Decades of Keeping Schools Safe

33HelpME is one of many school safety solutions developed by Summit
Industries Corporation d/b/a School Check IN. Founded in 2003, we are
continually driven to secure the educational institutions we trust our kids to
every day. We give school districts, administrators, staff, teachers, volunteers,
and students the technological tools and support to be safe and successful on
their campuses.

Securing Thousands of Schools...and Growing

Currently, we serve thousands of schools throughout the United States and internationally. Our flagship product, a visitor and volunteer management system, paved the way for multiple other complementary and stand-alone solutions that help schools run more smoothly.

In working closely with the schools we support, we are able to gather direct input about daily challenges they face. This allows School Check IN to continue developing innovative and necessary solutions to meet the ever-changing needs in school security, safety, and technology.

Providing Solutions for Schools' Unique Challenges

33HelpME is the result of one such need. After hearing time and time again from administrators about the lack of emergency
notification tools, and how teachers often feel isolated and abandoned in their classrooms, we knew we could help solve this
problem. So we did. Learn more about 33HelpME here.

Concerns over school shootings, violence, bullying, disruptive classrooms, drug use, unauthorized visitors, frustrated staff,
inadequate systems, ineffective communication, and more, has led us to provide school administrators with peace-of-mind for
some of their greatest burdens.

We are dedicated to making our schools safer for all. We pride ourselves on the ease of use of all our products, and on providing
outstanding US-based customer service. If you want your school to run more efficiently, don’t hesitate to contact us. We'd be
delighted to work with your school.

Other School Check IN Solutions

A parent-teacher conference scheduling
solution that is simple, fast, and keeps
everyone organized

Replaces the handwritten student passes
teachers issue with a faster, easier, and
trackable solution,to keep students

Allows school staff to reward positive student
behavior and intervene to stop negative
behavior habits, using a simple point-based
system on their smartphone or tablet

Help at the push of a button.Take the next step in school safety.